Geo-analytic Solution



Our geoanalytic solution makes it possible to manage expansion teams objectives (territory mesh, sales forecast, location analysis).

It adapts to distribution networks specificities :
- Franchise, Integrated or Associated Trade Networks
- Contractual areas
- ...

It allows the cartographic dimension to be introduced for analytical purposes throughout the company's information system :
- Network analysis to better understand outlets performance
- CRM to optimize targeting and local communication
- Potential localization for sales teams
Seeketing Technologie

Online and offline Behavior analytics & communication Solution : Seeketing by Ellipsa

Connect your online & offline channels to impact your clients

You want to identify your regular visitors
You want to understand their journeys in stores
You launch online campaigns (email, sms, ...) and want to know who came to the point of sale

Thanks to our mobile technology, we integrate the online -web, App- and offline -store behavior of your visitors into a single profile, and use it to reach it with relevant messages at the right time and in the right place.

Our tracking and loyalty tool, turns your point of sale into "intelligent spaces", improving the user experience.
Whether it is to optimize your spaces (linear, head of gondola, layout), analyze the profiles of your visitors, measure the ROI of your marketing actions, increase point of sale traffic, our unique solution that links online and offline world answers these problems and is now deployed at several retailers and shopping centers in Spain and in other countries

Ellipsa Social Comunity


Surveys Tool

Our platform allows to create and animate a community, manage a proprietary panel, administer online, sms or voice automated surveys.

It is particularly effective in satisfaction barometers context involving large volumes of customers to be interviewed, or on hot analyzes (out-of-store surveys, for example).

ELLIPSA : Local Performance Specialist

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