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Our database makes it possible to apprehend territories at the finest level.

It is available on most countries with a level of accuracy specific by country.

It is either integrated into our Visiomap solution or sold for use in your applications.

It is particularly useful:
- in the context of geomarketing studies
- to enrich score or risk models (particularly in the Banking / Insurance sector)
- to enrich customer data (habitat type, level of income for example).


The Ellipsa kaleidoscope proposes a descriptive of the French territory according to the 3 following criteria:
  •      Habitat / Demographic
  •      Economic
  •      Commercial
France is thus described according to homogeneous kaleidoscopes from the IRIS mesh.

This typology is particularly useful to :
- Identify local specificities of a territory (level of wealth, commercial attractiveness, etc.)
- Enrich your segmentations or scores (appetence, risk, ...) by introducing new variables.

Same typologies are also available for other countries.

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Tudikoi Panel

We give you access to a base of 50,000 panelists in France and nearly 7,000,000 in the world:
  • Recruited on several channels to ensure an optimal mix of profiles: Client bases / Media partnerships / Viral marketing campaign / Sponsorship / Social networks / Online banners
  • Secured thanks to recurrent and targeted solicitations, as well as attractive incentives (point system and monthly lottery)
  • Updated on a recurring basis to keep our active membership database alive.

ELLIPSA : Local Performance Specialist

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