Consumer Knowledge



We implement statistical models to better identify your clients profiles.

Our analysis combine behaviour, attitude and sociostyle based on both your internal and our own data in order to obtain a 360 ° view of the consumer.



Via our subsidiary Ellipsa Panel Online, we implement innovative methods to interview your customers via a multi-channel approach:
- Online
- Social network
- Face to face
- Vocal Automation

Whether to measure their satisfaction, evaluate the value of a new service offer, better understand their needs, you can use our panel, or we can assist you in the constitution of your own panel.

Customer Experience

We assist you to define a unique user experience (identification of "pain points" and "truth moments", construction of an enhanced customer experience, implementation of monitoring tools).

Datamining-Geomarketing outplacement

We can provide ualified resources in the processing and exploitation of data, whether for statistical or geomatic modeling.

Geomarketing Studies

Geomarketing; Location analysis

Location analysis

Whether you want to validate your implementation decisions, analyze an existing outlet performance , evaluate the impact of a competitor arrival or identify a site potential , we implement our tools , Geomarketing data and methods by combining theoretical approach with field validation.


Territory mesh

Whether in France or abroad, we support you in the construction of a target mesh structuring your master plan at 5/10 years (closing, transfer, creation, enlargement, ...).



We help you optimize your sales areas by:
- distance between your clients and your salesmen
- number of clients to visit and length of visits
- trade priorities

ELLIPSA : Local Performance Specialist

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